Thursday, 11 September 2014

(Too) tight-fitting jods

Can a good-looking bottom look any better than it does in a really nice pair of jodhpurs? Forget Spanx and all that body-shaping stuff, a really expensive pair of jods can do wonders.
Of course, it's a chicken-and-egg thing. If you own a serious pair of jods then you are almost certainly a proper horse-rider and riding is a great work-out for the seat.
Personally, I'm a not quite a "proper horse-rider". Serious riders are active all year round, but for me it's autumn and horse-riding that go together.
When the weather gets wintry I tend to lose interest and would rather stay in the warm. And in spring and summer I've got other things to do.
So, this is the time to get my  jodhpurs out and find out if I can fit into them. They should fit like a glove.

Today was the day to find out and it quickly became apparent that either they've shrunk, or I've got bigger. Tight is good, but the button and zip has to do up.
I better lose a pound or two. In the meantime I need to buy a pair in a slightly larger size.
The stats on this blog tell me that there's a strong interest in jods out there. They obviously do it for some people pretty intensely because one post is never out of this blog's top five posts.
I find that a little puzzling. Where do jods fit into sexual politics? As I've said before,for me there's a very strong link between the whole horse- riding thing and my sexual self. For a start, riding often involves a pupil-teacher relationship between novice and instructor and as I never get beyond novice I'm often being told-off.
There's also the power and control thing that happens around horses. But I think that for me most of the buzz comes from the gear.
The formality of traditional British riding gear harks back to a more disciplined time plus - of course - there's a focus on saddles, seats and bottoms. As a spanko a bit of a thrill goes through me when my instructor tells me to sit up straight and push my bum down and out!
Also, when I have jods on I feel very self-conscious about how they display my bum. I know its a bit too big, but jods feel like I'm doing a Kim Kardashian (asking the world to look, and keeping looking).
That feeling of display feels naughty and naughty = deserving of punishment, doesn't it?
Add all that together and it's no surprise that when I'm out on a ride I find it hard to think lofty thoughts about the beauty of the countryside. I'm usually day-dreaming my way into a TTWD sort of headspace.But I don't seem to find much of the way I feel about jods in the world of porn. There's the ponygirl stuff, which is a mystery to me; I have no desire to wear a tail.
And there are jodhpur-wearing dominatrices, which don't do it either. Maybe I'm in a minority of one on this one.
PS, language note: does the word ' jodhpurs' get used in US English? Or would it be 'breeches' instead?


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