Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shopping startle

A little moment of startle today while I wandered through the home section of our local department store. I think it's meant to be a baguette board, but to me it looks like the perfect attitude adjuster...
I was tempted to buy one, but couldn't face the embarrassment at the cash desk. I knew that I'd end up blushing.
Not that 99 per cent of the world's population would see it as anything other than a weird-shaped bread board. Which made me think of you, dear reader (and I had taken a pic on my blackberry to share with you).
So, why so few posts around here recently? I know that my lack of effort has been quite shocking - and deserves disciplinary intervention of the sternest kind! 
It's a long story and one that my bother-in-law (the corporate guy) would call 'a multi-factorial situation'. A bit complicated really.
Firstly, there's my health. I managed to hurt my neck a couple of months ago and it has taken a long time to sort itself out. At first my doctor told me to avoid computers altogether until I was pain-free, which was really difficult for somebody who is a writer for money, a blogger and a wannabe novelist.
So as I've got back to writing with a keyboard I have been rationing the time I spend tip-tapping. As all this was happening this blog passed its first birthday - I found myself looking back and realised how much time I have spent putting it together.
To be honest I'd got a bit obsessed, and time I should have been putting into paid work was going into this 'hobby'. As SO has been out of work just lately that felt like an indulgence that we couldn't really afford.
Now some good news, I have had a double helping of work-related luck in my vanilla life. Two book proposals to publishers have both come good at the same time, so it looks as though 2013 is going to be a very intense time - lots of writing to do.
But when I look at the stats here I am amazed to find that my humble little blog is still attracting some readers, and I feel a bit ashamed that I have done so little just recently to deserve that loyalty. Which is a sort of wordy way of saying that in the New Year I will try to find some time to do better.



  1. Great to see you back! Congrats on the work, and hopefully the neck stays better.

    99% of the world is just plain wrong. That's a punishment paddle pretending to be a bread board. Clever but transparent.

    "Bother-in-law?" How you two getting along? ;)

  2. Back in 2013 !
    Kisses from Normandy

  3. Thanks to you both. Yes, brother-in-law... Christmas being a family time you don't get to choose who you spend time with, sadly.

  4. That board looks very nice indeed. A Happy New Year to you! :-)