Monday, 2 January 2012

Connections - horses, jodhpurs and spanking

Perfect sunny winter's day here today, just right for a hack (for our non-UK friends, that's Brit equestrian speak for a gentle horse ride through the countryside). Sadly I have work to do, so today a ride is out of the question.
But I find myself sitting here thinking about what my interest in riding is really all about. I'm not a horsey obsessive like some people I know, but have done some riding for as long as I can remember.
Yes, it's a great sport, exciting at times too, but for me there's also a very strong link between the whole riding thing and my sexual self. It's all very sexy.
No, I don't fancy horses! But there's a power and control thing that happens around them that does put me in that frame of mind. For a start, I like the gear. The way that a well-cut pair of jods hold your bottom is something else and they look great too (on the right backside).  
A well-shaped bottom in jods cries out to be smacked, doesn't it? Then there's the formality of traditional British riding gear, which harks back to a more disciplined time.  Plus a bit of a class thing too - it's hard not to look a bit haughty when you're in the saddle of a horse.
Add to that the pupil/teacher relationship and it becomes a heady brew. I've had lots of riding tuition over the years too, which tends to call to my spanko self ever so clearly - the tutor's firm voice, curt commands etc.
And, of course, there's all the leather, the riding crops and the straps and belts... Long before I first read Jilly Cooper's 'Riders' in the mid-1980s I was getting all hot under the collar (and tie) about stable-related sex, but afterwards I became convinced that the equestrian community has a much very high number of spankos per head than than the wider community. Or at least I'd like to think so.

PS Just after I posted the above I came across a Zille Defeu post on the subject of joddies. Seems kinky minds think alike. Zille and Pandora look great, though I'm not sure Pandora's boots are quite right for a hack out.

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  1. I know what you mean. I always try to curb my temptations but I know exactly what you mean about jodpurs, discipline and riding crops. My wife loves horses but she doesn't have these feelings I am sure.