Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Quiet please!

I can remember when librarians were strict. Strict. no-nonsense. Talk once and you got The Look, usually over a pair of steel-framed spectacles. Talk a second time and you were out, no second chances.
So, I was surprised by my trip to the local library today. First time in ages, I thought I'd take my laptop in and do some work using some of the reference books for research.
But the place was crowded and everybody seemed to be so noisy. The librarian was younger and better looking than I expect librarians to be, but the guy just didn't have the right stuff. No way he could do The Look - not a strict bone in his body.
I didn't get much work done. I just couldn't concentrate. I did, however, spend some time mulling over how strict an old-style librarian could have been. Clearly CP would have been out of the question in an environment where silence was at a premium, but after hours there'd have been nobody to hear the smack of implement on bare bottom, the squeals, the begging...

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  1. In college the library had a lot of hide-aways back in the stacks; there was even an old sofa in one rarely visited spot. I think a little spanking could have taken place there with no one the wiser.