Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kitchens and the spanko secret

This has really made my day.  I've just read about how Hermoine over at the excellent Hermoine's Heart has re-created her kitchen by putting all those naughty-but-nice cooking implments on show for all to see. You know, the innocent-looking spoons and spatulas that make your eyes water her applied to a bare behind.
My kitchen is halfway through a makeover, which has rather run out of steam. But now Heroine has breathed new life into the project - it's going to become Wales's new National Museum of Spanking Implements!
I've already got lots of good (pervertable) exhibits hidden away in kitchen cupboards and they can come out to go on show for visitors to admire. Then I can start touring kitchenware shops to add to the collection.
It's going to make the kitchen more fun to be in. I particularly like the idea that you could be drinking coffee with vanilla friends knowing that I'm sitting on a well-reddened bottom - and that the wooden spoon that did the reddening is hanging there for all to see.

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