Monday, 9 January 2012

Search engine puzzles

There's something weirdly fascinating about seeing other people's Google search terms. Most of the ones that bring people to this blog are pretty obvious, but a few have me scratching my head.
Like today's 'showing cane stripes changing room -candy'. I quite like the image that 'showing cane stripes changing room' conjures up - I'll show you mine if I can look at yours.
But where does the 'candy' come into it? I give you sweets to see your caned bum? Or maybe Candy is someone's name?


  1. Curious indeed!
    My first thought was that this was some kind of seasonal reference to candy canes, but that's a bit of a stretch.

    I have you on speed dial, as it were, so you'll see no search terms from me - but typically those used to find my blog are disappointingly predictable. On the whole I reckon that's a good thing - I'd like to think that people arrive at the site of their own kinky volition. Indeed I'd hate to think that I'm imposing my sleazy imaginings on people whose interest in paddles is limited to their perfectly innocent canoeing hobby!

    Apparently if you want to see all the search terms used to find your site you have to employ Google Analytics. Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts does that, and runs an occasional post in which she lists the most bizarre of hers and responds to each of them. It's very, very funny. :)

  2. Candy canes, of course - hadn't thought of that. Sweet idea (boom, boom).
    Actually, I do a bit of kayaking myself and so I've seen the paddling thing from both sides. I've had to supress giggles when I've been in serious kayak club meetings. When someone says "we need to introduce more young people to the joys of paddling..." with no sense of the double meaning it's great.
    Of course, it only really works here in the UK because we have no tradition of paddle spanking like the US has. For the average person a paddle is just something to push water with.