Sunday, 8 January 2012

Roger Benson and picture perfection

The perfect Forties figure?  I've found it - in the great art work of Roger Benson.
I've managed to spend a bit of time this weekend on my story about Land Girl Beryl and have resolved the question of her figure. She has to have a Benson bottom.
I've looked for 1940s art, but not really been that inspired, but Benson's 1950s girls seem just right for my Beryl. What's 10 years here and there.
It's that mid-20th Century movie star ideal. The girls defy nature, but then a good fantasy shouldn't let reality tie it down, should it? They have long legs, narrow waists and marvellously full bottoms.
So, my character file now has a few Benson images in it to remind me of how Beryl looks. All I need now is a few free hours to get working on chapter two in earnest.

1 comment:

  1. The 'Benson bottom' is indeed a wonderful thing! Actually I am presently engaged in working with him, updating and modifying some of his images and setting up an album / showcase for them on my website
    I wouldn't hurry, though - it'll be a while yet before it's finished!