Friday, 11 July 2014

Sufficiently sufficient?

How often is enough?In a moment of passion recently SO promised me that my persistent brattiness and generally vile moodiness meant I should expect at least a spanking a week. "At least."
As it turned out it was a promise that was worth about as much as my New Year's resolution to stop snacking on chocolate (pauses to break off another two squares...) In reality SO reckons that once every month is about right, which leaves me feeling a bit spank-hungry most of the time. Like today.
I've even started marking my work diary when the necessary happens so that I can be 100% correct when a discussion about attitude adjustment comes up. I also like the fact that my colleagues and clients might see the black dot on the days in question!
I'm not at all happy with where we've got to. SO's vanilla-ness has learned to accept my 'strange' needs, but does now use it to win out in the power balance of our relationship.    
So, what would be the right interval. In reality I think once a week would be too often. I love cake, but don't want it for every meal; even a good thing can get dull through regularity, can't it?
PS I can't remember where I came upon this great little captioned illustration, but I like it. It seems to me that the placing of that knee might be more painful than the spanking.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Time to change

Time for a belated spring clean, I think. This blog has been looking the way it is for far too long and I think it's time to shake it all up a bit.

I don't have the time to spend a whole day on a revolutionary makeover, so it's going to have to be a tweak here and tweak there. Starting with the title.
I've just been reading  Consensual Spanking on the subject of hits (hits on your blog that is) and can see that he's right about the title choice. Oblique, vague, teasing is all wll and good, but perhaps not here - web searching is all about directness, isn't it?
I've looked back to see why I chose the old one, but can't find the post. It was all about the past being 'another country', I think.
It occurs to me that lots of kind people have links on their blogs that are tagged 'Another Country'. By changing things I'm creating a chore for them, but only a small one so hopefully they won't be too angry with me - in anticipation, thanks. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Classic art: Without a trace

As you can probably tell from this blog, I love vintage spanking erotica. Good art makes a connection that photography very rarely can.
So, I was fascinated when I read last night about how photography and art come together in the work of the 19th Century master of spanking art Louis Malteste. It looks as though for some of his best-known images Malteste was cheating - tracing photographs rather than working from life or pure imagination.
'Cheating' is probably too loaded a word to use and the technique certainly produced some beautiful and memorable images, especially his earlier efforts. I wonder if he used a photograph tracing for all of his illustration?
Looking through Malteste stuff on the web today I came across this one, which I don't think I've seen before. I find it fascinating; what did she do to earn herself a punishment? Are they in a compartment, and are we as viewers peeping in on a private moment? Or is it an open carriage and the public nature of the process part of her humiliation?