Friday, 11 July 2014

Sufficiently sufficient?

How often is enough?In a moment of passion recently SO promised me that my persistent brattiness and generally vile moodiness meant I should expect at least a spanking a week. "At least."
As it turned out it was a promise that was worth about as much as my New Year's resolution to stop snacking on chocolate (pauses to break off another two squares...) In reality SO reckons that once every month is about right, which leaves me feeling a bit spank-hungry most of the time. Like today.
I've even started marking my work diary when the necessary happens so that I can be 100% correct when a discussion about attitude adjustment comes up. I also like the fact that my colleagues and clients might see the black dot on the days in question!
I'm not at all happy with where we've got to. SO's vanilla-ness has learned to accept my 'strange' needs, but does now use it to win out in the power balance of our relationship.    
So, what would be the right interval. In reality I think once a week would be too often. I love cake, but don't want it for every meal; even a good thing can get dull through regularity, can't it?
PS I can't remember where I came upon this great little captioned illustration, but I like it. It seems to me that the placing of that knee might be more painful than the spanking.


  1. Good to see you back. I always enjoy your take on things.

    Managing how spanking plays a role and how often is difficult in a relationship where two people have different needs, desires, and ideas about it. I can certainly relate to that. The actual power balance or exchange, beyond the game of it, is a tricky subject. I agree about not wanting cake at every meal, and for me it's the big difference between sex and spanking. The former can be as often as possible, and it really loses nothing. The latter, I can think about every day, talk about every day, but is far stronger as a special event.

  2. Oh yes, the knee on his bits reminds him who is in charge...