Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Horsing around

One of my 2013 resolutions is to do more riding. I was talking with SO about it this morning and we're going to make it part of our get fit regime.
Then I logged on here and found that search terms over the last day include  'equestrian porn jodhpurs' and 'ladies in jodhpurs and spanking'. Which reminds me that my interest in all things equine is not entirely unconnected to SQ
As it happens I went to the saddlery yesterday to buy a turnout rug (a coat for a horse) for one of our ponies and was looking at jods. Time was when you could only get black, blue or stone colour, but now the choice is wonderful and some of the colours and designs are crazy.
I particularly like the design that has a seat and inner thigh panel that's a different colour. But for me there's a couple of problems in the brighter, breezier designs; firstly, I think they're a bit young for me - I worry that I'd be mutton dressed as lamb, and there's also the skill issue.
Bright pink or blue jods catch the eye, but if your riding is a bit rubbish - as mine is - then that's not a great thing. You'd rather blend in a bit more.
Anyway, the way jods (of any colour) cling to your bottom is a wonderful and erotic thing. It's something that I think the fabulous Pandora Blake seems to understand as her work often features horsey gear.
I love it all and for a spanko it immediately puts you in 'that' frame of mind. Add in riding whips, lots of leather and the saddle-soreness that comes with a long ride and the riding-spanko connection is a heady thing. Perhaps I could find a pair of pale pink jods with a vivid scarlet seat as a celebration of the sport's spanko heart.

Friday, 11 January 2013


Après-fess (French: after spanking) refers to going out, having drinks, dancing, and generally socialising after spanking. It is popular in the Alps, where spankees often stop at bars after their last chastisement of the day while still wearing spanking-related costumes (school or maid uniform etc). The concept is similar to the 19th hole in golf.

OK, I've pinched the Wiki definition of apres-ski and substituted one s-word for another, but still. I pleased to say that I got a humdinger of a spanking today and I feel GOOD.
So wouldn't it be nice to be able to share that with somebody? I know people can and do, but in my little world its not an option. I could hardly pop into the village pub, hop up on a bar stool and say: "Golly gosh, my bum's all hot and stingy tonight..."
The best option I have is to share my marvellous little secret with you, dear reader. Thank you.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Moment of guilt

Long-awaited, well-deserved. I'm sitting here at the desk in my office with that warm post-spanking glow in, and on, my seat. The perfect tonic.
Or should be. More than a month has passed by since this particular brat last got an attitude adjustment and, having been extensively adjusted, I should be on an after-the-event high, but I'm not.
That's because I'm feeling a bit guilty. What do I give back? Our little kink isn't SO's thing and I'm really, really grateful that my whims are indulged, but this morning was all about ME and that's not really right, is it?
Vanillas have rights too. Not just a brat, but a selfish brat too...
PS I've just been into our bedroom and there was Old Faithful at the corner of the bed. I just had to find a camera and record the moment. Old Faithful is a clothesbrush that I bought sometime around 1990 and that, to my knowledge, has never, ever been used to brush clothes!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Outdoor option

The long Christmas-New Year holiday is almost over. The Christmas tree has gone and the tinsel is back in the box in the loft - and I'm itching for some adult fun...
With the girls off school and uni we have been in fun lock-down since early December. For some reason SO is horrified by the idea that they might discover that parents do have sex; presumably they assume we did it twice for procreative purposes and then said that's the end of that.
I have been tempted to suggest some sort of shed-related encounter. We have one at the very end of the garden well away from the house (and the neighbours' houses for that matter).
But the whole woodshed discipline thing doesn't really work on this side of the Atlantic and, anyway, our shed isn't that sort of shed.
It's rather like the one in this picture. What on earth is he planning to do in there? There wouldn't even be room to swing a meaningful spank, would there?
No, our shed is dusty and damp, there are spiders and dead flies and it is about as un-erotic as it could be. No kids come Tuesday though, so the wait may be over soon...

Friday, 4 January 2013

Six - and two threes

I came across some nice old-fashioned boarding school stories the other day (by an author called Louise O. Weston) and once I'd read one collection, I wanted to go back to the Kindle store for more. But at the time I couldn't remember the author's name or the book title (and by then I'd deleted the collection that I'd read).
All I could remember was that the title included the phrase 'six of the best'. So I searched for that on my Kindle and was surprised at just how many books it threw back at me.
Boy, has this CP-related phrase gone mainstream. In fact, I wonder if the vanilla world knows what it's saying when it talks about that  'best'?
Presumably 'six of the best' doesn't have a life beyond the UK. Here, whenever a publication does some sort of product review the editor seems to think that the page has to carry six of whatever's been evaluated. Not five, not seven, sometimes a top 10 - but more often than not six of the best. Whether it's boots, waterproofs or cameras, they have to come in sixes.
Is this all an innocent use of half a dozen? We Brits like to cleave to the old ways, so we use our acres, miles and ounces when it would make more sense to go metric, but even so...
But you only have to run the phrase through Google to see how much sixing is going on out there. For example, when the ex-public schoolboys of Genesis got together for a reunion I reckon they chose 'Six of the Best' as the name of their temporary band for nostalgic reasons.
There's a lot less ambiguity when it comes to the band Lip Service. I reckon the cover of their album 'Six of the Best' speaks for itself, don't you?
Then there's the 80s girl group Clout. What did they call their second ablum? You've got it.
Innocent or not, I like it. I love the way iI can be flipping through a mag at the doctor's or a paper on the train and turn a page and... there's a reference to six and my mind is off to it's favorite fantasy boarding school for naughty girls and boys.
By the way,a six and two threes is a phrase my dear old Mum likes to use and has nothing at all to do with that other six (of the best). It's her shorthand for when something makes little difference one way or another.