Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Moment of guilt

Long-awaited, well-deserved. I'm sitting here at the desk in my office with that warm post-spanking glow in, and on, my seat. The perfect tonic.
Or should be. More than a month has passed by since this particular brat last got an attitude adjustment and, having been extensively adjusted, I should be on an after-the-event high, but I'm not.
That's because I'm feeling a bit guilty. What do I give back? Our little kink isn't SO's thing and I'm really, really grateful that my whims are indulged, but this morning was all about ME and that's not really right, is it?
Vanillas have rights too. Not just a brat, but a selfish brat too...
PS I've just been into our bedroom and there was Old Faithful at the corner of the bed. I just had to find a camera and record the moment. Old Faithful is a clothesbrush that I bought sometime around 1990 and that, to my knowledge, has never, ever been used to brush clothes!

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