Friday, 31 January 2014

Shopping plans

Just beyond the top of the stairs four small, circular indentions mark the carpet - their presence, an absence.They indicate where a single chair usually stands, back to the wall.
Simple, straight-backed, armless and possibly an antique, it was a junk sale find. It's style is a little at odds with our other furniture, but it serves a purpose.
It's absence can mean only one thing, that it's placed ready in our bedroom. And that I'm about to get the punishment I know I deserve.
Do you have a spanking chair? I don't, that stuff above is just my dark little daydream, but it looks like that could soon change.
Out of the blue today SO announced that we were going to have a Spanking Chair, with a cap S and a cap C. Quite an impressive reading of my domestic discipline mindset for someone so resolutely vanilla.
Clearly, the Spanking Chair is very much part of spanko iconography (spankonography?). I've just googled 'spanking chair' and it comes up with all sorts.
For example, D's is 'a big, wide wooden chair' and he adds: "Just seeing that evil Spanking Chair always makes me nervous." And Ireland's Daughter says "the spanking chair sits in the corner of our bedroom, a wooden chair without arms, used only for that purpose..."
A simple, straight-backed wooden chair is part of the before, after and during of corporal punishment role-play. How have we managed without one?
Now SO's stated intention was all wrapped up in the pillow talk that we play with when we're in bed playing, but can't actually play (because there are big-eared kids in the house). It involves lots of talk about what's going to happen to me, what should happen to me and what I NEED to happen to me.
And, of course, most of those intentions never actually get carried through. But I reckon the chair is going to be different - and think this weekend we're going to be going to a furniture store. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Shades of consent

Sorry that there has been so little to read here lately, but I've been trying to keep my real-life, vanilla book projects on track. One went to the publisher a week or so ago, and now I feel a little bereft - life seems a little empty. 
But I know there's book no. 2 still to write and it's way behind schedule... So, now's the time to show some self-discipline and get working.
Which is why I'm messing around looking at spanko blogs and tumblrs at 11.25am. Self-discipline is difficult when the d-word sends a little tingle jingling around the nervous system, isn't it? 
While I'm here I feel I have to share yesterday's experience with you -  I've had a spanking that I didn't want. Yes, our consensual spanking relationship edged a little towards non-consent and it has left me a little confused (and a little bruised too). 
It happened like this. I'd been bratting about for a day or two, all sloppiness and pout. SO picks up on the signals and decides to make adjustments to attitude. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.
However, by the time the opportunity for a private moment arrived my SQ had plummeted to a record low.  Like everyone I know here I'm a bit under the weather at the moment and feel distinctly post-viral.
But SO wasn't going to be put off track and I figured I'd warm to the moment once my bot was getting warmed. It didn't happen and I ended up taking a belt-whipping I had little or no appetite for.  And thinking about it afterwards it occurred to me that this was the first time ever that I had had a spanking that I wasn't absolutely desperate for. It hurt, I wanted it to stop, it wasn't arousing. 
Of course, I could have used our safe word. It exists, but after 20 or so years I'm not sure SQ would have recognised it. 
I took it my medicine bravely. Then it came to me that this was as close to a proper punishment spanking that I've ever been - strange.