Friday, 31 January 2014

Shopping plans

Just beyond the top of the stairs four small, circular indentions mark the carpet - their presence, an absence.They indicate where a single chair usually stands, back to the wall.
Simple, straight-backed, armless and possibly an antique, it was a junk sale find. It's style is a little at odds with our other furniture, but it serves a purpose.
It's absence can mean only one thing, that it's placed ready in our bedroom. And that I'm about to get the punishment I know I deserve.
Do you have a spanking chair? I don't, that stuff above is just my dark little daydream, but it looks like that could soon change.
Out of the blue today SO announced that we were going to have a Spanking Chair, with a cap S and a cap C. Quite an impressive reading of my domestic discipline mindset for someone so resolutely vanilla.
Clearly, the Spanking Chair is very much part of spanko iconography (spankonography?). I've just googled 'spanking chair' and it comes up with all sorts.
For example, D's is 'a big, wide wooden chair' and he adds: "Just seeing that evil Spanking Chair always makes me nervous." And Ireland's Daughter says "the spanking chair sits in the corner of our bedroom, a wooden chair without arms, used only for that purpose..."
A simple, straight-backed wooden chair is part of the before, after and during of corporal punishment role-play. How have we managed without one?
Now SO's stated intention was all wrapped up in the pillow talk that we play with when we're in bed playing, but can't actually play (because there are big-eared kids in the house). It involves lots of talk about what's going to happen to me, what should happen to me and what I NEED to happen to me.
And, of course, most of those intentions never actually get carried through. But I reckon the chair is going to be different - and think this weekend we're going to be going to a furniture store. 


  1. You are so right about the mystique and significance of the chair. My own experience of being caed by my wife has always been that I bend over the back of a a
    dining room chair and place my hands on the seat. There is something solid and reassuring about the chair being there for me to hold on to during what is to come. We both know our roles and the chair is central to that. My role is to bend over as far as possible and no matter how much I sting and smart and even if it gets too much to bear I have to remain in position and keep my bottom presented for more of the same until my ordeal is over. I can look over my shoulder from my position over the chair and see the look of determination in her eyes as she carefully takes aim to place the stripes as evenly as she can. I like to see the look of satisfaction on her face as she lands an especially effective stroke. The chair is my rock and my only comfort and support during such domestic dramas

  2. Several years ago, just weeks after Carroll and I were married, I bought an old oak straight backed chair from an antique dealer in upper New England, and installed it in my large pantry off the kitchen. It is elevated about 20 inches and has two steps to assist one up into the seat. It sits in the center of the room. In the late morning, daylight falls onto its polished surfaces. A hairbrush, also of oak, is kept on the seat of the chair. Carroll never voluntarily enters the room. When he does he is quite agitated and deliciously naked, a lovely sight; he is of boyish build, except for a bottom of splendid proportions. It is his best feature, and was an instant attraction the first time I laid eyes on it. It is deeply cleft and the object of much admiration among the women in my family. When it is turned up in the pantry it offers me a smooth, resilient space to express my dissatisfaction with Carroll's behavior. His lovely form, all smooth and buffed, twists and turns, shivers and quakes, as I enlighten the boy. Tears fall, promises are made between the sobs, and when we leave the room I am happy and Carroll is well sorted out. It is a wonderful chair!

    1. Wow, I'm so envious! Is the Pantry used for other activities or is it purely for disciplinary use? Having a hairbrush that just sits on a chair waiting and waiting and waiting... is SO hot.