Monday, 9 January 2012

More Benson

Time ran out mid post yesterday, but I was meaning to include a couple more of Roger Benson's evocative drawings to make my point.
I really like the one above. The connection is a personal one. We had a sewing machine like that one when I was young and patterns, pins and fittings were very much part of the domestic scene.
Not sure what the relationship is here, but the dressmaker looks rather no-nonsense. I reckon if the girl fidgets too much she'll end up with a nice handprint somewhere between those knickers and the suspender.
If there's a mismatch between Benson's girls and the character I'm trying to create it's that they can seem a little too submissive; their eyes are often closed, or lowered. If there's fiestiness it's well hidden. 
On the other hand the matriarchs are certainly feisty - they're very strong women. I like to think they were once the ones on the disciplinary receiving end.Do the women at the table in this one know what it's like to be the spanked girl at the fireplace? I hope so.
Mind you, this one suggests no lack of spirit. This is a girl who knows what she wants and is prepared to take risks to get it. What happens in Benson World to a young lady indulging in this sort of necking? 
I've done a little research about the artist but it's hard to pin down who, when and where. His images were used with skill and imagination a few years ago by the creator of the spoof magazine Bared Affair that appeared on soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. I've always assumed that they were genuine products of the 1950/1960s. If they're not, they're very good at drawing the viewing into a constructed world. Anyone know?


  1. The adorable girl on the stool fits the 50s era as well that cute little dress fits her. It is a given she will be sniffling and wiggling before the fitting over. Who could resist smacking that bottom?

  2. And stoolgirl has nice shoes too, doesn't she?

    1. Yes indeed, OFG: shiny spike heels lifts the bottom and flexes the calves. The shoes and garter belt visited a touch of bondage to an era when the word "spanking" seasoned our daily language, and the notion, supported by most things main-stream, of a "naughty," or even "bad," girl getting spanked at home or in the office was widely accepted. Then, with the rise of Feminism, this current of delicious accountability went to ground. Thanks.

  3. The pics are very much a product of the modern era and Roger Benson is still very much with us. He has a Yahoo Group devoted to his work and I am presently setting up a section for him on my website. The top drawing I always imagined was the girl having her dresses and skirts drasticaly shortened for disciplinary purposes of some sort: "... I wouldn't worry about being seen like that. You're going to be sticking around the house a whole lot more from now on! I'm going to see to it!"