Wednesday, 18 January 2012

(Dull) duvet day

I've got as terrible cold. Possibly flu. Head thumping, lots of sneezing and eyes streaming. So I decided that the day should be a duvet day. I'm self-employed, so there's no boss to phone - I can just take to my bed. But I'm not very good at doing nothing, so spent a little time dozing, tried to do some reading and am now fiddling around with the layout of this blog. 

I've also spent a lot of time browsing through a photo blog called Schund & Schmutz. It really is an amazing retro collection of the weird and the wonderful. Hours of fun. 
Here are just a few images picked at random that appealed to me for one reason or another. Apparently the title translate from the German as Trash & Dirt.

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