Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Spanking fantasy and gender mix

I'm in the dog house. SO says I'm not being fair and that's tough criticism from someone who reads 'The Guardian'. Unfair to MFophiles in this case.
Too much FF, some FM - but not a lot of MF. And looking back over the last couple of months it is a good point.
So guilty as charged. In my defence I think it's largely a question of aesthetics. As a viewer of spanko imagery I identify with the person being spanked, whether male or female; by way of an example, this National Lampoon spankee is really very cute, isn't she?
But my main attention in a photo or drawing is on the person doing the spanking, caning, birching, whatever. That's where my eye goes. Btw, is that Bill Bryson?
I want to find that person attractive, whatever their gender. And with so much of the MF imagery around the spanker just isn't very... fanciable.
You don't see many pipe smokers these days, but you do see old, fat, bald, bad beards and the like. That may do it for some people, but not for me.
I don't want to offend anyone by naming names, but there are plenty of examples out there. Look for gorgeous women and/or beautiful young men over the laps of guys who have seriously let themselves go to seed.
That must sound offensively age-ist. SO will probably give me another ticking off about elder-equality. But I'm not in the first flush of youth and as a result I don't put myself in front of a camera for the edification of others.But I will try harder. Honest.
PS And before you leave a comment about me going OTK for this oversight, SO doesn't operate that way. In my house misbehaviour earns less, not more...

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