Friday, 6 January 2012

The discipline of the strict deadline

Here's a bit of a conundrum for the freelance journalist who's also a bit spanky. You've been given a deadline and work on the article is limping along, but is a long way from getting finished. Talking to (presumably) non-spanko friends I know this inability to get stuck in is a common problem.
You make a coffee, you collect the mail, you talk to the cat, you empty the washing machine blah, blah. You do everything and anything but actually churn out the words. And all the time the deadline gets closer.
Eventually me and the vanilla writer part company. He or she pictures the stern, finger-wagging editor, keeps an eye on  the clock and gets it written.
Editorial feedback
I do something slightly different. I picture the stern, finger-wagging editor, lose sight of the clock and start imagining what could happen if I failed to deliver; the what could happen is, of course, all about being across the editor's knee or over the editor's desk for well-earned chastisement. 
Very difficult to concentrate. Anyway, better do some work, bye!

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