Friday, 6 January 2012

What's the Finnish for spanking?

The stats area of Blogger fascinates me. I've just been looking at the audience list and apparently I've had 12 visits from Finland this week.
Is that 12 visits from one Finn, or one from 12? Whatever, greetings Finland and welcome. I've always wanted to visit your country, all that snow and forest. And perfect lakes to skate on. Beautiful.
According to Google Translate it's 'selkäsauna' - the word for spanking that is. But I'm not convinced. When I do an image search for 'selkäsauna' back come pictures of wrestlers and footballers...?


  1. You may want to check out my International Dictionary :)


  2. "Selkäsauna" is used also if you loose in sport but ask google to find "piiskaus"