Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bottoms - a question of proportion

'Should my bum look a bit bigger in this?' That's the nagging question that my new heroine Beryl keeps asking me.
My leading lady in 'A Week in the Country' just had to be full-figured. After all Flick was a Victorian, so the hourglass curves seemed a no-brainer.
Sitting down to novel two, which has the working title of 'Beryl Gets Stuck In' - or Begsi - I decided on different. Different historical period and, of course, different characters.
So, Beryl - or Bee to her friends - has started out as the anti-Flick. I was looking for as much difference as I could write into the new character.
Up to now she's been sporty, lithe and gamine. As a Land Army girl she has to be fit and strong.
But last night the scene I was writing had her driving a tractor while an over-sexed farm hand watched from a distance. In the 1940s tractors didn't have cabs and the seat was a big, buttock-shaped slab of metal; for the sake of the horny guy watching the bottom bouncing about on that tractor seat just has to be curvy and plump, doesn't it? 
Or this?
Something like this picture above that I came across on a photoblog, in fact. The question is should I stick with sporty girl Bee, a Joan Hunter-Dunn type or go back and re-write her as someone with more curves? 
Should Bee have 'junk in her trunk' or not?  Perhaps I should put it to a poll...

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  1. Oh gosh... I just love, love, love big asses - as almost everybody here, in Brazil. :) That curvilineous blond lady at the first pic is simply, deliciously PERFECT.