Thursday, 19 January 2012

Big knickers = spanko knickers

Probably going to give my age away here, but when I was at school big, navy blue knickers were what girls were expected to wear for outdoor sport. Crazy, the powers-that-be were obsessed with skirt length at all other times, but when it came to a game of netball running around in your pants was considered sensible. 
It was a state of affairs that was very popular with the boys. I love this picture, but I feel she's wearing a pair of navy blues that are a few sizes too small. Letting all that bottom peep out is very, very naughty.


  1. You're absolutely right about 'spanko knickers' - at least if this particular spanko's preferences are anything to go by.

    My favourite fit would be more beach volleyball than Bridget Jones, but one thing's for sure - thongs are the work of the devil. I mean, where's the mystery? Where's the fun in pulling them down?

    See, you've got me started now.

  2. 'thongs are the work of the devil' Never a truer word...

  3. Now those are panties, and yes hate thongs, no reason for them. She is lovely and what a bottom.


  4. I actually think both have their proper place. A nice thong or nothing at all under a tight dress is hard to beat, no pun intended. Love the no panty line. A man's dress shirt and a nice pair of full coverage panties is a close second however.

  5. i think navy blues are very sexy,and should be worn by boys more often,also VERY good for spankers, chris s uk