Friday, 27 January 2012

Sport - and the perfect rear end

Does cycling tone your bottom? I do some cycling, but from what I saw in the mirror this morning it isn't doing the trick. Not to self, go further, or up more hills, or both.
I heard somewhere, sometime, that the best sport for butt-toning is acutally fencing. Fighting with swords that is, not stringing barbed wire. I've not the evidence one way of another to judge one way or not.
There is a logic to it, all that leg work must tighten things up nicely. I'd say horse-riding is good, too. Non-riders think you just sit there and do nothing, but a good brisk English-style trot for five minutes or more is one hell of a work out.
But I'm now thinking that volleyball is the thing to go for, if this picture discovered by YEOWCH is anything to go by. Very impressive. If volleyball delivers like this then count me in.


  1. Nice! You've inspired me to write a post on this topic too. It won't be out for a few days though.

  2. As it happens there was a woman olympic fencer (fencist?) on the BBC's One Show last night. Sadly, she was sitting - so no opportunity to assess her figure.