Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Drought, and necessary domestic discipline

The 'need' was so strong this morning. Significant Other went back to work today after a long Christmas/New Year break, leaving the house as 7.15am and leaving me awake and feeling... confused.
How long is it since I had the spanking I so richly deserve? Weeks. In fact, I can't remember the last time. And as the kids don't go back to school until next Tuesday I have zero chance of slaking my thirst any time soon.
Between you and me, it's now imperative that my bottom has punishment marks on it as soon as possible. Soon it is going to be a matter of life and death.
Rain day
What it's like for me, a raging thirst. Horny? I can think of something else. The spanking need on the other hand is a slow-burn thing that builds over time and becomes a constant distraction.
Can't concentrate, get ratty and short-tempered, forget important stuff, get bratty. Like thirst it is impossible to ignore. And I'm not sure that spending time posting here helps.
When the rain comes there better be plenty of it. Mind you, it does offer a great excuse for browsing around for an image like this one to illustrate just how much I want to get wet.

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