Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Relaxation - and the birch

How do you read this picture? Maybe it's just that I'm suffering from debilitating spanklessness, but doesn't she look the most relaxed woman you've seen in a long time? Either about to be birched or in the process of being birched and she looks sublimely, ecstatcially relaxed. And I'm so jealous.
Since mid-December our home has been in locked down - and I've been in a state of frustration. The kids finished school and college and I knew that that was that until January 9. I had the day marked on the calendar in red.
Now it turns out that older child has dropped out of college and is hanging around the house doing 'job search'. I was livid about the decision to drop higher education, even though it should be only until October.
But in my heart of hearts I know that my anger the college decision is also about my own loss of privacy. It's so valuable and it has been taken from me.
You probably think that's a bit selfish. But I reckon spanklessness really screws you up over time if you're a genuine spankophile. It's a mental health issue that the NHS needs to look at.
If things go on here as they are I need a plan B. I may have to rent a remote holiday cottage for a weekend so that me and SO can discuss all these issues in the full and frank way that I think is so urgently required.


  1. I don't blame you in the least. Our job, and our expectation, as parents is for the kids to get an education and get the heck out of our house - to visit often, of course.

    You can always let him know you need your privacy - if they think there is a possibility you're having sex he may never come home again! LOL!

    Good luck,

  2. It's a lot easier when they're little isn't it. Teenagers seem to have a sixth sense for what's happening in the house, except when it suits them (sink full of unwashed plates, bath threatening to overflow, washing machine in need of emptying etc).