Saturday, 7 January 2012

My word!

Further to my ramblings on the subject of Finnish yesterday, thanks to Chross for directing me to his excellent international dictionary. Now I know that läimäyttää is the Finnish word I was looking for (though some advice on the pronunciation of all those dots wouldn't go amiss).
And - better still - my Welsh has improved too.
Yes, I have a little Welsh - tipyn bach. Useful if I ever choose to trek through Patagonia. I did know that in Welsh smacio is to spanking what parcio is to parking, but I hadn't come across palfodi.
I'm now planning to spend some time running some of the words from Chross' page through the Google Image search. Here's an example, in went 'greadadh na masa' - which is Irish apparently - and out canme this.Interesting.

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