Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lost for words

Would a nicely brought-up 1940s Home Counties girl say 'shag'? As in, 'I could do with a damn good shag'. I don't think she would, but can't imagine the vocabulary she would use when talking about body parts and sex.
Forties fun
Which is proving a bit of a problem with my spanko novel in progress, currently enjoying the working title 'Beryl Gets Stuck In'. My lead  character Beryl and her best friend are full and frank when talking about their sexual experiences, but I'm struggling to give them the right words to be full and frank with.
Yes, they're nice Upper Middle Class 'gels', but when no-one else is around their way of talking would be no holds barred. Their lives are full of all sorts of sexual adventures, but the dialogue is proving to be a sticking point.
With 'A Month in the Country' finding sex slang from Victorian England was relatively easy and I really enjoyed putting some of the more colourful stuff into the mouths of my characters, but I've struggled to find a slang dictionary for military life in 1940s England.
The best I've come up with is stuff like 'khaki wacky' for a girl who likes soldiers, 'shake a leg' for hurry up and 'blow your wig' for get excited, but for more intimate stuff - nothing. Any suggestions?

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