Monday, 16 January 2012

Happiness is...

... a hot, red bottom! I feel like taking out an announcement in the local newspaper. After six long, spankless weeks I'm pleased to say that at around 1.10pm Greenwich Mean Time my wait has come to an end. Kids out, Significant Other off work and receptive to the signals. Bliss.
Dranatic reconstruction


  1. Happiness is a bright bottom! Six weeks is a long time to go without. I hope your next wait is a lot shorter.

  2. Yes, I felt like making one of those gushing-actresses-at-the-Oscars-thanking-everybody speeches. Very emotional.

  3. Yay for you getting your long-awaited hot bottom. And here's to many more :).

    I doubt you'll be needing that newspaper advert, though - I expect you're walking around with a mysterious smile and a certain glow that lets people know something good has happened :).

  4. It's the glow - just the thing on a cold day.