Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sitting comfortably?

Not a problem in my experience. I've been very soundly punished often and sitting apres spank has never been an issue. 
Hot seat
Yes, there's heat, but it's no bar to using my behind to take my weight. Bit of bruising the following day from time to time, but again sitting it no problem. 
In fact, the discomfort that comes on sitting is a nice reminder of what's caused the issue in the first place. So, is it that the "you won't sit down when I've done with you" thing is just an empty threat, or is it that I'm being let off too lightly.


  1. I would say that the effort it takes to sit is the question , can u sit comfortably , or do u squirm and want to get up , if the former then yes you are getting off to lightly .

  2. The Squirm Test? I like it. If I ever get the chance (see the relaxation post a couple of days ago) I'll give it a try. My problem is that Significant Other is just too soft-hearted. I know when I deserve a real humdinger, but SO doesn't do mean.