Thursday, 25 July 2013

Crash, bang...

...wallop. Is it just me, or is noise a vital part of the spanking experience? Quiet corporal punishment is like orchestral performance without the percussion section.
If you've spent time on this blog you'll know that volume is an issue in our house. SO is so terrified about being unmasked as a semi-willing participant in TTWD that a sound spanking for me often lacks sound.
So, yesterday we were blessed with one of those surprise no-kids days. Our girls decided to go shopping together, which is unusual. It's been a while since the opportunity has come along and I've been very bratty, so the normally reluctant SO was nearly itching to get switching.
And today's marks on my bot are testament to the fact that I got what I had coming. That whippy, green stick used was especially punishing when it found the tops of my legs, so no short shorts for a day or two.

The switch was chosen with noise-reduction in mind. It's so hot here at the moment that everyone has their windows open and that convinced SO that someone would hear us (even though our window was tightly shut).
Now to moan about the detail of what was a very satisfying afternoon encounter would appear to be ungrateful, I know. The sort of gracelessness that calls for a bit of old-fashioned correction, in fact.
But hey, SO doesn't come here so who cares. That switch stung like a dozen hornets, but it wasn't as all-round satisfying from a spanko pov as something really noisy would have been - a nice percussive paddle, hairbrush or rubber-soled sandal.
The blog Learning DD is a good source on the practicalities of everyday spanko life and has things to say about implements and noise here. Clint at Learning DD says "As a general rule, the less surface area of the buttocks the implement impacts, the quieter the spanking will be."
Btw, reading the post's comments I was green with envy with one from Jack's Jill who said: "We’re lucky that the kids have moved and my HoH can use whatever pleases him without worrying about children in the house or others hearing. This gives him a great sense of freedom and me too. He can discipline me anywhere he pleases in the house and with what ever implement he wants." Sounds heavenly.
Anyway, for me the surface area thing is the seat of the issue (if you'll pardon the pun). I have lots of butt surface area and I want lots of it to get attention with each and every spank.
And the noise that the implement makes, and that I make as it does its work, is very much part of the exercise too. The thwick, thwick, thwick of a switch, a can, a Loopy Johnny or a tilt wand (?) isn't nearly as satisfying as the gunshot whack of slipper or paddle.
Personally, I'd prefer it if we look out the paddle and then threw open the windows and let the neighbourhood hear what a truly punishing spanking sounds like. But I think SO would die on the spot, so I suppose I'll just have to be happy with the quiet life.


  1. You are right about the sound being a big part of the spanking thing. There is the pain, the red marks, and the sound. They are all essential. Imagine if it did not hurt ? What would the point be ?

    Same with the sound, the loud crisp percussive slap of hand on fat white usually pampered and protected bare bottom flesh is so incredibly salutary in itself

  2. Percussive, that's it. An orchestra without the percussion section wouldn't be able to get the 1812 right, would it?

  3. I sympathise, OFG: another spankee with a noise-conscious partner here. Darn this teeny island with its teeny houses - those lucky Yanks don't know they're born.

    Love the thought of you just saying "To hell with it!" and letting the neighbours hear :)