Thursday, 31 October 2013

Take that

What happened next? I reckon the Woman in Black cornered her adversary, threw down the riding switch and then wrestled her over her knee. Under a barrage of spanks guilt was admitted - and only then were a dozen good stripes with the switch applied.
Maybe not, but I do like the way spanking art lubricates the imagination. I came across this one at The Spanking Art Blog and it caught my eye.

I've done some searching for pages about Sarah Bernhardt and there's plenty to read. She does sound like a bit of a brat, but I can't find any mention of Marie Solombe - wonder what the real story was?


  1. I found this...

    You can view the full 1883 NY Times article as a PDF by clicking the link there.

  2. I've been away for a couple of weeks, so have only just discovered your link TFD. You're so clever to have found this excellent article. I love the bit about Sarah going armed not with a sword or a gun, but 'a plain, stout horsewhip'. What a pity that she didn't catch her victim and apply the whip to the proper target!

  3. Read here. I tell the whole story...