Thursday, 5 December 2013

Twelve ways of Christmas

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? It seems in short supply around here, but I did just catch myself humming 'Jingle Bells' while I was clearing away breakfast things in the kitchen.
The problem about working on your own from home is that you miss out completely on the whole Xmas run-up thing. No party, no secret Santa, no Christmas cards from people who dislike you - but can't afford to make it too obvious.
I think maybe I should print this 12 Days out and put it on my office wall. Perhaps I should see if I could persuade SO to get involved in a re-enactment.
Not sure where it's from originally (I just saw it here while doing a little random tumblr-ing), but I do like it. The style of penpersonship seems familiar, but I can't place it.
Isn't "rulers rul'ring" clever? But I'm not sure of the pay-off: "And a switch from a hickory tree..." Does it need an extra beat to scan, or do you just stretch hickory to fit?


  1. Here's a PS to this post, a post postscript. I just dropped by at the excellent Underlings Humblings and realised where I'd seen the 12 Days before. I love his style of work and don't know why I couldn't place it. Silly me... happy Xmas Underling

  2. "and a switch from a hick-o-ry tree" should fit.