Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sitting pretty

We spanko's take a great deal of interest in the well-being of our bottoms, don't we? Or should that be the unwell-being? But what about the impact of CP on your back?
No, not 'impact' - I'm not expressing myself very well here. The affect on your back, I mean. Since sometime last autumn I've been troubled with lots of spinal pain, mostly in the top bit around the shoulders.
I've been seeing a lovely osteopath who has mostly sorted out the problem and spent time changing my habits to prevent it getting so bad again. Kim says my bad neck and back are as much to do with my day-to-day life as the accident I had last year.
All the time I was spending in front of computers was the main culprit, she says, and things have changed there. I do less keyboarding and use voice-recognition a lot now too.
I've also been trying to think about bad posture and improve how I sit. This picture isn't exactly how I was sitting (and I nearly always wear clothes too), but it's an exaggeration of what I was doing wrong - butt out, head forward.
There is though, one issue I haven't discussed with Kim. It's my enthusiasm for the diaper position. I have to say, I love it but I think it too may have been adding to my difficulties.
So, diaper is on strict ration in our house these days. I'm quite happy to 'suffer' a pain in the ass, but hate the pain in my neck.

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