Saturday, 13 April 2013

Too tempting...

As you know if you've ever spent time on this blog, I love all things 19th Century. I grew into my spanko kink in the days before the internet and it was vintage erotica that opened the door to self-discovery.
All those gloomy Gothic country houses with their stern guardians and strict, no-nonsense governesses... And, of course, lots of forbidden sexual activity.
You rarely come across 21st Century imagery that gets anywhere near capturing the laced-in passion of it all. I love the work of artists from the time like Lewis Bald, but when photographers and videographers have a go at creating a 19th Century scenario it's usually a disaster. So, I was thrilled to see that Dreams of Spanking have ventured again into Victorian/Edwardian country - because they do it so well.

I'm so busy at the moment with real world writing that I try very hard to be good and to keep away from reading spanko-world blogs - I can waste whole days blog-hopping. But I have to share my enthusiasm for 'The Edwardian Governess'.
I really do LOVE the costumes - they are so convincing. For me, there is something so incredibly sexy about a reddened bot peeping out from virgin-white old-style bloomers.
Actually, I think of them as drawers rather than bloomers. Not sure what the difference is, but my pair were 'lost in action' recently and I really could do with finding replacements.
And doesn't Pandora make a scarily strict governess. She has such a presence on the screen.


  1. Hey nice to hear from you again. Yes the 19th century thing is very evocative. Birching is what they went in for. The taste of the thin wet swishy twigs is truly amazing isn't it ?

  2. Hi Tommy

    Yes, the birch is a pretty amazing experience. I also like the way that the making of the implement can be made into part of the punishment experience.
    In practice though it happens very rarely in our house because it makes such a mess. You end up with bits of bud, twig and bark all over the room.
    That was, presumably, OK in the Victorian country house because there were maids to clean up afterwards - and if they complained in anyway a second birching could follow the first. Personally, I'm rarely in the good to do vacuuming after having a swishing. Better things to do.

  3. Hi,
    I totally agree with you about the romance and atmosphere of those times. I grew up with a fascination for spanking, and when younger I was more a spanker than a spankee, and my main focus was always that time period. Evelyn Culber's Annie books were particular favourites of mine. And I adore crisp white linen Edwardian drawers - they are the most sexy underwear a woman can wear, in my opinion at least. :)

  4. Great post, thanks.