Sunday, 28 April 2013

This thing...

How come I didn't know? All the time I've happily squandered on spanko blogs over the years and I've managed to miss TTWD. Thanks to smuccatelli (comment on the last post) for bringing it to my attention.
I googled for it and couldn't understand how I'd not come across it before. This Thing We Do. It's a great label, much better as a name for our shared 'thing' than the one I've used for years - spanko.
I like how it feels like secret code, something that can go unnoticed to the vanilla majority. It's inclsuive - not the thing I do, but that we do.
And  I also like how it seems to capture some of the puzzlement that goes with the lifestyle, on my part anyway. This thing is a mystery to me - why do I love it, why is it as necessary to me as food and drink? I don't know, but it is the thing I do, and that we do. 
Not sure why I've picked this old picture to go together with this thought. I've always loved it, there's a resignation in the stance of the spankee while the look on the spanker's face has an icy intensity. Altogether it seems to encapsulate all power of TTWD.


  1. The pic is from an old Leda or Nuwest video or photo set. The girl's name is Pushpa something-or-other who did a number of spanking photo shoots with some of the biggest names in spanking at the time and then took her money and disappeared. I don't recall the name of the spanker here offhand, but I'm sure someone else has that name handy. It is a very evocative image though. ;-)

  2. Someone should do a where are they now series on the formers stars of spanking media. Although I suspect most now cherish their anonymity.

  3. And i suspect that many of then are pushing 60 odd. For example Sophie Fennington from the good old days of Janus. I reckon that in the mid 1980's she was in her mid 30's. So now that makes her ..... well it really doesn't bear thinking about. Well yes it does actually, given that to my mind a fit and sexy lady in her 50's is an ideal recipient of a good spanking. Sigh...

    You are so right about the photo, and the mystery of it all. What's it all about eh ? Puts me in mind of Peter Cook Dudley Moore. Now I really am showing my age. Night all - time for my co co.

  4. 'to my mind a fit and sexy lady in her 50's is an ideal recipient of a good spanking'... and what an excellent mind you have! Although I prefer to say very, very late 40s.

  5. Hey we can compromise on that i think

  6. I recognize this pic from Nu-West. This company was my first exposure to an American CP scene. I was young and, at that time, had only seen the British mag, Janus. Nu-West (and then Leda) portrayed the kinds of scenes I could relate to and had always dreamed about seeing. It was quite a discovery for me. The spanker in this pic went by the name of Brenda Marshall. She was, indeed, intense, and took the many scenes she was in seriously. No doubt she enjoyed her work and was genuinely into TTWD. I believe the spankee is Joanne Jameson, who went by the name "Kim" in the early days of Nu-West. The story, if I remember correctly, was that Kim actually went to live with Brenda for a brief time, and the pic you've shared is representative of what things were like around the Marshall home in those good ol' days.