Thursday, 10 November 2011

Out from the shadows

I've been a lurker myself for far too long now, I know. Shame on me. It's one reason why I've decided it was time to set myself some homework - by creating this blog. And by doing more commenting elsewhere.
Having taken the plunge I'm finding it really quite exhilarating. I have so much to ay and would love some of it to be a conversation.
LOL Day seems like a great idea. I'd be thrilled if you'd take the time to comment, even if it was just to tell me to stop nagging. Anyway, I'm off to do my own commenting elsewhere.

PS No link between LOL and the image. It was just one that I feel some sort of link with.

1 comment:

  1. Happy LOL Day, OldFashionedGirl. I am not a lurker but have only discovered your wonderful blog very recently. We all start as lurkers and a few of us go on to create our own blogs, and I am so happy you took the plunge. Keep up the wonderful work.

    Oh, and thanks for adding "Blossom and Thorn" to your reading list. Season and I are honored.