Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Photographic memory

There’s a problem with writing novel-length fiction if your memory isn’t as sharp as it could be. Mine’s pretty good, I would say. It can deal with a mountain of stuff pretty well – the kid’s lunch money, the deadline for my weekly column, the tax form, putting out the dustbins... it goes on.
So somewhere in there with all that I need to find room for my characters – their back story, what they wear, how they look. It’s a problem. This morning it was Felicity’s ass.
It’s been five chapters since it last made an appearance and I can’t remember much about it. Voluptuous, womanly and wonderful or neat, toned and athletic? JLo or Lindsay Lohan? The chapter in question isn’t on the flash drive I’m using today so there wasn’t time to look back. Felicity is having to journey on into chapter 12 with ‘XXXX’ where her bottom should be.
It’s far from ideal. Speaking to another (vanilla) author recently he told me he cut out pictures from magazines of men and women that he wanted to use as models for his characters. Stuck on the wall next to his desk they were an instant reference point.
Good idea. But I’m not sure how having a print-out of Felicity’s rear end on the wall would play with my family, friends, visitors or the guy who comes to read the electricity meter.


  1. Hi OldFashionedGirl. On your site for the first time and am enjoying your work. Made me laugh out loud thinking about the reactions of your family and friends to an image of Felicity's bare bum pinned to your work area wall.

    Is this novel with Felicity spanking erotica?

    Do you have any finished work we can read now?

  2. Thanks and great to hear from you. Dear Felicity (her of the big juicy pear of a bottom) is a character in what is my first attempt at spanking fiction. It's a sort of homage to the best of the Nexus series of historical-spanko fiction novels that have given me so much pleasure.
    Hovering around 42,000 words at the mo and going slowly. Drop by again for an update on progress.