Wednesday, 4 July 2012

And the gold medal goes to...

Which is the world's spankiest nation? Are spankos evenly distributed across the globe or are some countries spankier than others?
With the 2012 Olympics almost with us and Euro 2012 just gone I suppose I've got international competition on my mind. And I reckon that if there were spanko Olympics us Britons would be in with a chance of a medal. 
Anyway, I was a Geography major so I've always had a bit of an obsession with maps, population distributions and all that. So, I thought I'd spend some time on this weighty question. 
First I thought I could base my study on visits to this blog - but then I realised duh, this is an English language blog and that's going to skew things a bit. So I've had to limit it to all time hits from English-speaking nations then - the four that pop up close to the top of the stats are the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. 
Based on population totals courtesy of Wikipedia I can reveal that Brits come out in front with 474 hits for each million people. That's way ahead of the next highest, the US; the good people of the USA have been dropping by at a rate of 139 per million.
Canada comes in third with 114 per million while Australia registers a rather modest 57 per million. What should I conclude from this little exercise? Not much, I think. A UK blog is more attractive to Brits, but that doesn't mean that Brits are more likely to be spankos than people from other countries.
And as far as North America goes, are the people of the US really more inclined to redden bottoms than their neighbours north of the border? An interesting question.
Which probably means that only open competition could settle things. Quite how it could be organised I'll leave with you.


  1. Oh, we'd win easy! :) Those silly old Yanks can't compare.

  2. The US has about 5 times the population of the UK but, online, do we have 5 times the contributors? One factor is literacy, or tendency to read and write. I haven't done a study, but I think more of the spanking blogs that cater to people who like to read thoughtful, introspective posts are from Britain. The US has many producers of spanking videos, but I think not as many American spanking "models" have their own blogs. OTOH, sites dedicated to meeting or "chat" seem to have many Americans participating. Another factor is the type of spanking -- it could be focused on adult erotica, domestic discipline, institutional CP, ... I think we're very spanky here in the US, but the UK may be the spankiest place on Earth when it comes to fantasies of school CP.

    Different areas of the US are more or less likely to produce adults who were spanked as children. It would be interesting to see if there is any correlation between adult spanking enthusiasts and the area of the country in which they were raised. Not a perfect science for sure as, for instance, I was raised in a more progressive area where spanking was less common.

    1. My impression is that you'd give us a run for our money. I'm not sure how it could be decided, but I'd certainly like to be there to watch:)

  3. I think we'd win too. Certainly if the number of spankings my SO gives me is anything to go by!!

  4. I get the imnpression you're living under a (thrillingly) strict regime. Lucky girl.