Friday, 6 July 2012

A reader writes

'I was a teenager when I received my first spanking and it was neither my mother nor my aunt spanked me, but a charming neighbor and here's why.'
This is the opening of a story that a visitor to this blog sent me and I thought you'd like to hear it too.
He's apparently French and in his 50s. Here, with just a few light edits, is what he wrote:

'My next-door neighbor was a 25 year-old hairdresser, called Josette. Every time she was on the stairs, I waited to be behind her, because I wanted to look under her short skirts, because Josette did not wear pantyhoses, but only stockings and I wanted to see her thighs, garter belt and pants.
One afternoon I was looking at her stockings. When I arrived on the floor, she was waiting me, arms crossed and she told me : “Do you think I have not seen you behind me every time I am on the stairs?Come with me, I have to speak to you.”
Blushing, I followed her inside and she locked the door behind us, took a chair and put it in the middle of the room and waved to me with her forefinger to come nearer. When I was just in front her, she grabbed my hipsand unbuttoned my pants down to my knees.
She then laid me across her lap, my head down and my bottom up. She said : “Every time I am upstairs, you are looking my thighs, but now you have to show me yours.”
She took off my underpants and I was bare against her nylon stockings. I realized that she was ready to spank me as a child, on my bare bottom ...
“So, you may be 15 and a teenager but I am going to spank you on your bare bottom. And I am sure that this good spanking will teach you that you don't look under the skirts of a young lady!!!”
She began to spank me. She spanked with cadence, several dozen of slaps… I wanted to protect my bum with my hand, but Josette took my wrists and the spanking became faster and harder.
I began to sob. I begged her to stop. I promised her that I never looked under her skirt. At the end I was crying between the slaps and howling with pain. As I struggled, buttocks on fire, I was trying to protect my ass with both hands; Josette grabbed my wrists and with her ​​free hand, pulled my shorts and my pants down my ankles and took them off completely.
I was naked, pressed against the nylon of her stockings. She spanked me faster and stronger, the sound of slaps on my bare butt in the room 
After a very long time and dozens of slaps, Josette stopped and said:I finished and am happy to see your butt red and burning.
She stood me up and I was kneeling on her right, crying and rubbing generously with my two hands my poor, painful bare bottom.  Josette took my chin with her fingers, looked me in the eye and, forefinger up, told me:  “Stand in the corner, hands on your head, and if you move I will spank you again immediatly!!!”
I stayed a long time, dishonourored to have been spanked on bare bottom. Twenty minutes later she came and rubbed my bare bottom, happy that it was still red and hot.
“You can put your trousers up now and go, but the next time you look under my skirt I will spank you in front all my colleagues. And maybe several of them will like also to spank you..."
So after this spanking, every time I met her on the stairs she looked at me with a mocking smile and I took stairs first!!!'


  1. My,my... How compelling! I truly wish this had happened to me, perhaps a little younger and with a couple of variations, but a very evocative story...

  2. I do hope my friend in France sends another episode soon.