Monday, 9 July 2012

Perfect age?

My most spankable age? The question occured to me this morning on the bathroom scales post-shower. I've put a little weight on over the last six months or so, but I think I like it.
 At 25 I was built like a Japanese racing snake. A good look with your clothes on, but not so good without. Any devoted spanko would have been unimpressed with a puny little bottom like that.
Rather too much time has passed by, I eat well but am also quite active. So I'm heavier, though not too much. As a result I'm  curvier, but then society's ideal is not curvier too - thanks J Lo.
And I reckon my rear end has much more to offer in the sphere of the spanko arts. My at 25 wasn't offering much, but now my rear end is a more generous canvas for brush strokes; there's far more scope for self-expression.

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