Friday, 27 July 2012

Sexy? I don't think so...

All this Olympic stuff going on at the moment and, for the most part, it leaves me cold. Sport just isn't me, and never really has been.
If I do find myself watching it on TV it is really only the bottom-watching I'm there for. I don't care a great deal for who wins, or who doesn't, but I do like to see bottoms that have been scuplted to perfection by a lifetime of training. Who doesn't?
And I think that's what I spent most of my time doing during sports lessons at school. Bottom-watching. Navy blue gym knickers were the rule at our school, which seems strange now; they were so intent on not allowing mini-skirts, but then insisted on us wearing big knickers for games. Not logical.
And it caused trouble given that it was a co-ed school. The boys found the idea of girls in knickers playing netball irresistable - and got into serious trouble when they were caught peeping...
Looking back now though there doesn't seem anything that 'sexy' about school gym knickers. Except in the realm of spanko fantasy, of course. Take a rather unflattering garment and add in a frisson of spankoness and suddenly they're transformed into something quite different.


  1. Well here I come, I think they are very sexy to be spanked on and in.


  2. Bottom watching. Girls in knickers. Caught peeping. Serious trouble... Sounds like a delicious recipe.

  3. It sounds like the classic recipe for a story doesn't it? Maybe needs a bit of a twist though... the boys were in serious trouble for peeping, but the direst punishment went to the girl who encouraged the peeping to happen:)