Monday, 8 October 2012

Room service

When I'm at the kitchen sink scrubbing dishes I often find my mind wandering off to construct little fantasies. Usually they're around disobedient/incompetent kitchen maids getting punished for some failing or other and feature our kitchen table, which is just right for bending over.
And that little scenario sprang to mind last night when I was watching a movie on TV called 'Keeping Mum', which starred Rowan Atkinson and Kristin Scott Thomas. No, Rowan doesn't get to spank Kristin (which would be very odd as for me he's always Mr Bean), but he does get a bit hot around the collar in a couple of scenes - he's a vicar.
Kristin feels her marriage is going a bit stale and that her Rowan isn't making the effort he should. At one stage she tells him that one of her friends has had sex with her husband in every room in the house - twice.
The film was OK, but after I'd switched off the TV it was the idea of every room in the house that stayed with me. We haven't, perhaps we should?
The problem with the idea for me is that some rooms suggest toe-tingling scenarios, but others are deeply unsexy. In our house two of the rooms are occupied by our teenaged kids, so they're an immediate 'no-no', and the hallway isn't very inspiring either.
We have played (in a spanko way) in most of the other rooms. Often in the bedroom, of course, and the bathroom too. Our little study has book-lined walls and really does make the perfect Principal's Office.
But for me the room that does it best is the kitchen. I don't know what it is, but my SQ always ratchets up a point or two in the kitchen.
I think maybe it's that feeling of doing menial service for others that connects with my inner naughty maidservant or maybe it's because the room is bristling with innocent-looking CP implements - wooden spoons, spatulas etc - and has tables and surfaces for a spankee to bend over. If I had my way the final touch would be a nice, well-worn tawse hanging on the back of the door as a constant reminder... (but I wouldn't want to alarm the in-laws)
And I think I'm not alone in my little fetish for kitchen-based CP fantasies. Spanko images and videos in domestic settings tend to features bedrooms, but I'd reckon that the kitchen is the next most popular venue.


  1. Some rooms are better than others. The kitchen works for the reasons you stated. There's something to be said for the image of a girl standing at the sink with a bare bottom. As I remember, when I was a wee lad, spankings were often carried out in the kitchen. The bedroom is obvious, and we have the "Go to your room" to set it up. How about bathrooms, the more spacious variety, for damp and naked out-of-the-tub tannings? There's the office or study, where strict authority may be wielded. Living rooms and family rooms make punishments feel more like a spectacle. Something out back to be used in the capacity of a woodshed should certainly work for any traditionally-minded spankaholic. Come to think of it, spankings make any room special.

  2. And then there's the attic and, perhaps, the cellar. We have a cellar, but it's only about four feet from floor to ceiling so not much of a setting for play - unless you're less than four feet tall.

  3. Attics and cellars sound a bit creepy. One place we lived had a basement where dad had his workshop. Our not so little house of horrors. lol.

  4. Hi TFD, good to hear from you. When are you going to do some blogging again?

  5. Nice one, yes the kitchen is a wonderful place for a long otk spanking, I agree the attic and cellar are creepier, many times gromwing up the cellar was the room we were face down over mom's knee!