Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sense and sensitivity

Familiarity breeds contempt. More years ago than I'm comfortable with a student (me), free from the constraints of the family home, started experimenting with spanking as play.
It was innocent stuff, the occasional smack to the rear end, but seemed at the time incredibly powerful in all sorts of ways. Not least, the fact that a hand on my bare behind seemed to burn like fire.
Lots of years later and I have to say that a hand-spanking does nothing for me now, or very little anyway. It is, I'm sorry to say, a bit boring - familiarity hasn't exactly bred contempt, but I certainly don't feel the same way about a hand-smack on the bot as I did then.
So, what's going on? Is it a brain thing - that the pain receptors have just got a bit unfazed by buttock-related CP? 
I picture it like this. In Brain Control Centre the guy in the big chair sees the red lights flashing, but just can't get excited any more. He glances up, sees a "hand on bare buttock" warning on his screen and then goes back to his coffee.
Most other pain is just as sharp as ever, but a whack on the ass isn't what it used to be. Or is it that the nerve endings in the bumcheek department aren't what they used to be.
Your taste buds steadily lose the ability to do their job as the years roll on, don't they? I need more chili sauce on my Tex-Mex than I used to, so maybe something similar is going on with my bottom; it just loses its sensitivity in the same.
But my worry is that it's about padding. That undergrad was a willowy thing, whereas today I have to admit to carrying quite a bit more weight in all departments - but especially in the seating area.
Not me, but you get the idea
I fear it's that a bigger butt just soaks up CP energy far more efficiently. So here's a thought, maybe punishments should be adjusted to suit buttock size. Could it be that the curvier ass just needs more attention than the petite one?


  1. I think I meant to say Sense and sensitivity.

  2. Either way well said...not sure how to respond to this amazing interspective posting but wow, a otk hand spanking is the core of the kink and the power and the sense of what spanking is...perhaps too much of a good thing?

    Interesting and thoughtful post but please try to get a grip on your scene and needs, otk hand spankings are awesome. So well written however and thank you for sharing.

  3. I think the hand can be an effective spanking "tool", but I also find the idea of it to be relatively ho-hum. There's just something about a good no-nonsense spanking implement to be used for the kind of corporal punishment that makes knees weak at the threat of it.

    Regarding sensitivity, I think experience plays a big role. Physically, the skin toughens and, psychologically, something challenging can become too routine. How one thinks of pain is a big contributor to how they experience it. I'd be surprised if size of the target has much to do with it as, large or small, one can have delicate skin or a leathery hide. Sensitive flesh, padded well, would be an ideal.

  4. Skin toughening? Maybe that's it. Btw, looking at this post I'm struck by the thought that that picture of the gal in Daisy Dukes could be misconstrued. It's not me.