Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Adds up?

Lots to do this week. As I work from home I think of my work as 'homework' and just like school homework it's often a struggle to get it done.
I set out with the best intentions. So I'm not blogging, not looking at Twitter, not...
But somehow I get distracted. A hour in this morning I've wasted time looking at Twitter and now I'm here in blogland.
Must try harder. Perhaps if I were a pupil at the school in the picture I'd buck my ideas up - a stroke with the stick for each mistake would concentrate the mind, wouldn't it?


  1. :-) I can imagine so well...
    Drifting away, dreaming of...
    All the info so close on the internet

    I think that, how good the idea might be, there could be more reasons to makes mistakes... The rewarding helps in wanting more ;-))

    Wish you a nice day...

    Regards, Monsieur Fessee,

    P.S. Ostra made beautifull work!

  2. Naughty girl! Yes, you must indeed try harder. Don't make Miss Hasler get her wooden ruler out... :D

  3. Yeah it is hard not to get sucked into the internet.

    1. Sucked in is about right. I've just stopped by now and the best part of an hour has disappeared just like that. It's a particular problem if, like me, you're seriously lacking in self-discipline.