Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bad, but good

I'm a long-time follower of Bad Penny Blues. I'm not entirely sure why - I just love the eclectic mix of stuff that turns up in each and every post. It's not all to my taste, but it usually makes me smile and it has at imtes been something of an inspiration for some fictional bad behaviour.
It bills itself as: 'A motley circus of erotic imagery of interest mainly to transvestites, sissies, femdom fans, retro-erotics, auto-flagellants, lingerie fetishists, the luridly curious and similar riff-raff.' I'm not sure which category I fall into; maybe a retro-erotic, possibly luridly curious or perhaps I'm just riff-raff...
Anyway, today the treat was this Jim Black drawing, which I'm fairly certain I haven't seen before. If I had I think I would have remembered it because I just love the subtlty of the composition.
It's all a bit of a puzzle. Has she just been spanked? She looks quite composed if she has, not a hair out of place, and no visible 'war wounds' on her bot. Maybe, she's about to be spanked and is taking a last look to remind herself of what a bruise-free behind should look like.
When I've got more time I really must put together a post that pulls together more of Mr Black's (or Mr. Luc Lafnet's) work. It really is evocative stuff - at least for us 'retro-erotics'.  


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