Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Home thoughts

Phrases we love, episode one. "Just you wait until I get you home..." Is there any combination of words that promises so much?
In town shopping today SO used the magic phrase, although sadly only in fun. We were looking at pasta at the time, but I immediately got that weak-at-the-knees, melty feeling.
There's that bit of pleasing ambiguity about it that makes the statement so good - what exactly is it that's going to happen when you're back to at home? Clearly it is going to be a straight upstairs and get your panties down sort of deal, but what next?
Driving home I spent some time mulling over the possibilities. I decided I preferred option one - the straight upstairs and over the bed for a good whipping with my belt.
In my mind's eye that looked a winner. Unfortunately, we didn't have the house to ourselves this afternoon, but it was a nice thought even so.


  1. yeah sometimes the nice thoughts are all we have too. But one of the things DH has been saying is: Are you sure about that? Mhh.
    That with his raised eyebrow will make me sputter, and flush like no tomorrow.

  2. It is a supercharged phrase, you're right. It says so much!

    ROFL at the picture! XD