Saturday, 29 September 2012

Just relax...

And take what you have coming. But that's easier said than done, isn't it? You have your bare bot up and ready and you know that up there somewhere there's some sort of instrument of ass destruction, so it's only natural to clench, isn't it?
Clench your eyelids tight shut, your fists, your teeth - and your bumcheeks as small and stony as you can manage. But does clenched make for less sizzle or do relaxed, wobbly buttocks sting less when skin and palm (or implement) exchange energy?
It's a question that I have given some thought to and so I was fascinated to read Secret Spanko on the subject and to see comments, too. Personally I'm a clencher, but then I hadn't heard the clench = bruising theory and I may have to think again.
It would be interesting to set up some science-based experiments to see if the theory stands up in practice, wouldn't it? You'd probably need twins, some sort of well-calibrated spanking machine and a foolproof device for measuring smart - shouldn't be difficult to find... 


  1. It's not based on anything scientific, but I've always favored unclenched. I think spankings should sting more on loose cheeks. I would expect deeper bruising on tight ones. And clenching is a defense mechanism, so denying it creates more vulnerability. I've wanted to know if there's a good spanking position that would prevent clenching.

    I like the idea of a well-calibrated spanking machine. One identical twin would be positioned so as to make clenching of the buttocks impossible, while the other would be free to clench. Each would receive the same carefully measured punishment. Not sure why, but for an implement, I'd like to imagine a thin, whippy cane. I don't know how sensation could be measured, but we could see clearly how each twin's bottom was striped by the stick. In the interests of good science, we could at least make a subjective evaluation and comparison of the howling, kicking, or other relevant reaction.

  2. I've just been watching X Factor and they've throne out a couple of twin sisters - called Poisonous Twins. Maybe they'd be available.

  3. I wonder if I meant thrown when I typed 'throne'. Spelling test failed, report to the detention room!