Monday, 17 September 2012

It's truly shocking...

...when a girl can't get the personal attention that she needs. In fact, I'd say not spanking a needy spanko is on a par with kicking a cat.
I don't like to complain, but I'm going to - sorry. I feel like my needs are so far down the agenda at the moment that they're off the scale. 
But should I make a fuss, or should I be doing the British stiff upper lip thing? Your advice would be helpful.
Here's the evidence. Firstly, SO is out of work, has been for some time and is getting really grumpy about it. The old contract finished in March and since then there's only been odd days here and there.
So, I have to offer sympathy and be always looking  for a bright side. I'm not that good at either and it seems that we're doing more arguing than loving these days.
Then there's the fact that Older Daughter is about to start at university, bless her. She's given up her job and is now devoting all her time to getting stuff ready (and most of ours too).
The amount of emotional energy coming out of her is scary - and draining. It's like everybody else in the house has to be 110% focussed on her and the coming adventure.
Which all means that the little itch that I need scratching isn't likely to get scratched any time soon... I;m tempted to kick the cat.
Can we please get some doctor somewhere to quantify how harmful it is for us spank addicts to go without a spanking? Then perhaps I could get it on prescription!


  1. A Lady needing a spanking is a wonderful thing. My Lady is not happy unless she gets at least one spanking a day..... and who am I to complain? hehe!


    1. Once a day - ouch! Often is good, but I think for me that may be too often.

  2. I wonder if the National Health Service would cover that? Imagine the list of "providers" having to be approved and the necessity of getting a spanking recognized as a true psychological need. It would certainly lead to a number of jobs being created (not to mention a lot of happy spankos, both tops and bottoms...).

    1. An NHS disciplinary service... what a marvellous idea. If I didn't have heaps of work to do this afternoon I think a fiction moment would be called for. The air of expectation in the waiting room, the crisp uiforms of the highly-qualified staff, the soft furnishings in the recovery room. There's got to be a story in that, hasn't there?

  3. Well a spanking a day...interesting thoughts process, ouch! I love the NHS story line, sort of an American Spank Shop!

  4. And my helpful advice is... drum roll, please...


    Okay, I got nuthin'. I guess you being very naughty isn't going to work? But don't kick the cat.

    The NHSDS. It really is a good idea.

  5. Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time! I cross my fingers that the situation will get better soon. :-)

    Oh, and I am looking forward to your report about your professional health care spankings! ;-)

  6. Thanks. Yes, spanking as a therapy has much to recommend it:)