Saturday, 9 June 2012

Blowing bubbles

I love words, but I particularly like bad words. When things are going badly what's better than a good loud expletive? And in bed I love talking dirty - all those years as a child be told to mind my Ps and Qs mean there's unadulterated pleasure to be had by simply speaking the unspeakable.
I came across a new-to-me blog today and spent some reading it. Fascinating stuff. And I was particularly interested in the post about mouthsoaping. I've never experienced it and think it sounds really horrible, but it sounds just the thing for a potty-mouth like me.
Personally I'd opt for any number of spanks rather than having a bar of soap stuck in my mouth.
It does seem a very apt punishment for bad language and I'm sure that I'd keep my speech squeaky clean if the threat of mouthsoaping was there as a punishment.
The great Dana Specht (above) seems an enthusiastic exponent of soap punishment. My googling has just turned up one of Ms Specht's movies that promises no less than 50 minutes of "sudsy" action. Apparently that's all endured by just one poor victim - a guy called David. He must have used some very, very bad words...
But is it an entirely North American tradition? I've read stories - fiction and non-fiction - that describe mouthsoapings, but can't remember any European examples of soap being used as a form of CP.
Is that right? I'd rather like to put a mouthsoaping scene into my Begsi story, but don't want to stray into historical anachronism. Would a 1940s English 'gel' like Beryl get her mouth soaped for swearing, or would she just get her bum reddened?

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  1. Can't answer your questions. All I know is that mouthsoaping is a common thing here in America, at least years ago. I was happy it wasn't a practice at our house, as it sounded pretty awful. The threat of a spanking was effective enough to keep the language clean. My introduction to spanking as erotica was mostly through British magazines, and I don't remember any mouthsoaping. Just lots of caning, which was totally foreign to me at the time.

    Doing a quick search, I see there are notable cases of mouthsoaping back into the 19th century, mostly America, but hazing rituals in the Royal Navy (1940), and a case in Scotland (1960s). I think it could be used in any story where soap is available. No telling where a character may have learned about the practice.