Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sheer bliss

I love stockings. They make me feel happy and all warm inside. And a bit nostalgic, too. A lot of it is to do with the fact that way back in my single days putting on stockings for a night out (or in) signalled intention.
I can see that there's also an element of imprinting that went on during childhood too. 'Sexy' imagery when I was very young nearly always involved stockings and suspenders.
And one of my earliest memories is of watching my mum in her bedroom getting dressed back in the pre-tights days when stockings were an everyday thing. I thought her the most glamorous being on the planet and seeing her put her stockings on and do her make up were a treat.
But do stockings still have the power to arouse? I don't think they do. Is it a generational thing? Is the magical power of stockings now becoming something of an historical anachronism?


  1. Stockings clearly have the power to arouse, totally sexy and mix in a nice panty with the garter belt. Also so nice to be laid over a lady's lap and feel her stocking!!

    Great post

  2. That's a good point - stockings and laps. For those of us who find the whole 1950s/Roger Benson thing so appealing stockings are an essential element. Benson-style mothers, aunts and teachers should always, always wear stockings!

  3. Of course they still have the power to arouse! : )

    In such a way that having a quick look to the point where the black stocking ends and the skin is naked clearly justify the punishment of naughty boys!

    I don't know, to me it will always represent forbidden pleasure and out of reach women, hard to explain