Sunday, 24 June 2012

The people's choice

I asked, you answered - and told me I was mistaken. What is your favourite 'treat' position when playing was the question and the poll result was a punishing 60 per cent in favour of OTK - and against my choice. diaper.
What's worse, I'd tried to pervert the democratic process by nailing my panties to the mast and saying OTK was the missionary position of the spanking world. Apologies for this, which I now see was a mistaken point of view on at least point points: 1. OTK is a fine and noble thing, beloved of all right-thinking spankos and 2. missionary is OK too really.
So, I was wrong, you were right and I'm off to give myself 60 crisp strokes of the senior cane. That will learn me!


  1. 70. It's better. It's necessary.

  2. Fair enough, wrong has been done and it's time to make amends:)