Friday, 29 June 2012

'I still haven't found...'

What I'm looking for. Sometimes the search terms that bring people to this site are puzzling, some make me smile, but one of today's search phrases struck a real chord with me: "I want to be spanked so hard I can't sit down."
How I relate to that... I get spanked. When I'm geting spanked it smarts and I want it to be over. But afterwards I feel like I want to be spanked a lot more.
Spanked so hard that I can't sit down, in fact. Totally, completely and utterly spanked (like the girl in the picure seems to be). Which is something I, sadly, never quite manage to communicate to SO


  1. I do get spanked until I can't sit down and I'm the owner of what you might call a mature bottom!

  2. Hi Janice, Thanks for stopping by. It's not a turn of phrase then, you really do avoid putting bot and seat together?

  3. Yes, OFG, I certainly have a more than passing disinclination to sit down!

  4. I'm somewhere between olive and grass - green with envy, that is!